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 Morts Monday Night Foosball 2017
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Posted - 07/06/2017 :  16:04:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Thanks to all who came down Monday for our holiday hi/lo. 16 players participated, plus pick-up cameos by Nathan, Tim H, Nick E and more.

The players:
Hi's: Wallis, EB, Sharkey, John W, Bill W, Skip S, Jared W, Dan D
Lo's: Jim F, Mike E, Trevan S, Doug S, Anne S, Duncan, Eric T, Samantha

Open Hi/Lo Double Draw Results:
16 teams

1st: Jim W/Jim F
2nd: EB/Jim F
3rd/4th: John W/Doug S
3rd/4th: Sharkey/Eric T

We were a little heavy on the 'hi's, so we additionally handicapped such ringer lo's as Jim F, Trevan and Mike E. This didn't stop Jim F accomplishing the illustrious French 1, 2. Nice playing Jim! It also allowed for an entertaining open-handed singles final face-off between EB and Wallis!

Happy Independence Day all, and see you this Saturday for the Monthly!
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Posted - 07/18/2017 :  23:23:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
10 players participated in the MNF event last night, with cameos by Garrett T, Travis, Tony, Eric B, Nordic Eric, and Ryan S, and more.

We were graced with some out-of-towners, familiar MN native Alison C, and Ohio up-and-comer Ryan R! Thanks for stopping in!

The players:
Hi's: Tim S, Todd G, Ryan R, Mike E, Deb G,
Lo's: Nick E, Alison C, Jerry W, Duncan G, Taylor Kr,

Hi/Lo French Draw Results:
10 teams

1st: Mike E/Jerry W
2nd: Todd G/Nick E
3rd/4th: Deb G/Nick E
3rd/4th: Tim S/Jerry W

Nick and Jerry proved the prize lo draws, taking both their teams to the semi's. Mike and Jerry came out on top in a tough meat-nut nut on game 3. For Mike, that's his second straight win, and his 3rd handicapped win in an MNF tourney...so congratulations Mike, you've entered the MNF Hall of Fame!

Mike came out of a nearly four decade (!!!) retirement last winter, and has been tearing it up on Mondays and Wednesdays ever since. MNF events continue to be a great opportunity to not only groom young talent but also give old-schoolers a chance to dust the rough off no matter how long the foos-tirement.

Congrats Mike! Great playing.

We'll find a Monday in the next few weeks to host a Hall of Fame party for recent inductees Said and Mike, based on what works for them. Stay tuned.
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Posted - 07/25/2017 :  22:58:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


11 players participated in the MNF event yesterday, with cameos by Jason C, Mike E, Jared W, Ben T, Said M, Carlos S, and more.

The players: Taylor G, Ryan S, Deb G, Brandon J, Luke, Garrett T, Jordan, Tony Mi, Taylor K, Nick E, Jerry W

French Draw Results:

1st: Deb G/Ryan S
2nd: Deb G/Jerry W
3rd/4th: Jordan/Nick E
3rd/4th: Jordan/Taylor K

Congrats to Deb on her 1, 2, (with a handicap no less), and to Ryan on his third MNF win......earning a no-rollover handicap.

Welcome to new players Jordan and Luke. Hope to see you again!

Mark your calendars: the Hall of Fame celebration tourney for Said M and Mike E will be Monday August 28th for an Open Hi/Lo BYP/DYP. More details to come in a separate post.
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Posted - 08/03/2017 :  00:38:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


14 players participated in the MNF event on Monday, with cameos by Ben T, Mike E, Jared W, Eric A, and more.

It was great to see impressive newcomers Jordan and Luke return for their second MNF event, and first-timers Joey, Dan, John, and Andy. Thanks for coming guys; we hope to see you again!

The Players:
Hi's: Nick E, Todd G, Tim S, Jerry W, Jordan, Deb G,
Lo's: Joey M, Luke P, John, Garrett T, Dan K, Taylor K, Brandon J, Andy E,

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results:
1st: Todd G/Andy E
2nd: Todd G/Taylor K
3rd/4th: Tim S,/Luke P
3rd/4th: Nick E/Garrett T

Todd G leaves the MNF events in premier fashion, with the classic French draw, one, two! Although I'm sure we'll see his pull and rollover more on Wednesdays, I hope his tic-tac push kick and push make an appearance as well, since they were on all night. Congrats Todd and we look forward to seeing your game hit the next level on Wednesdays!

(The MNF Hall of Fame party might get even bigger on August 28th!)

Congrats also to Andy on winning a tough singles final against Taylor, in his first MNF tourney no less! Nice playing!

We've had some impressive summer turnouts on Mondays; keep spreading the word about the event to interested peeps and we'll keep the momentum rolling!
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Posted - 08/16/2017 :  19:42:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

players: Garrett T, Taylor Kraft, Andy E, Ethan Y, Jerry W, Deb G, Johnny Foosball, Dan V, Jordan P, Luke P, Ryan S, Taylor G, Jairo C, John B, Nick E, Wayne A

cameos: EB, Ben T, Mike E

1 - Jordan/Dan
2 - Jordan/Garrett
3/4 - Dan/Nick
3/4 - Garrett/Ethan

perfect bracket Monday!

thanks to everybody for coming down and congratulations to Jordan on the 1/2 finish
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Posted - 08/29/2017 :  20:50:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

20 players participated in the MNF Hall of Fame BYP/DYP, plus cameos by Wayne A, Tony Mi, Doug S, Deb G, and Zach S.

Results: 10 Teams
1st: Bill W/Jordan (DD)
2nd: Ben T/Nick E
3rd: EB/Mike E
4th: Said M/Daniel V
Brad K/George M
Skip/Gillian M
Ryan S/Jon P
Gary B/Taylor K
Todd G/Garrett T
Taylor G/Jairo C

- Thanks to George and Gary, former MN-natives and foosers from the old school, for joining us for our MNF event (in town from TX and FL respectively).
- Bill and Jordan came out on top in a tough final, going to the 3rd game of the second set.
- Congrats to Todd, Said, and Mike on their dominant year in the MNF events. We all look forward to seeing you take your game to the next level.
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Posted - 09/11/2017 :  23:58:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

10 players participated in the MNF event during the Vikings season opener. Sam Bradford's air attack nicely complemented our excellent foosball ground game.

Cameos by: Eric A, Eric A-Nordic, Ben T, Kenny DeJ (!), Tony Mi,

The Players: Jairo C, Sisi, Taylor G, Nick E, Mike A, Nick W, George, Daniel V, Taylor K, and Kyle W,

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results:
1st: Taylor G/George
2nd: Jairo C/George
3rd/4th: Jairo C/Nick W
3rd/4th: Kyle W/Dan V

Thanks to Mike A for joining us for his first MNF event, congrats to Taylor and George on the win (and Jairo for taking both his teams to the final four) and thanks to all for coming down.

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Posted - 09/27/2017 :  19:21:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

10 players on Monday night...nice crowd, much fun

Ryan S, Garrett T, Doug S, Taylor K, Dan V, Jairo C, Kelsey R, Taylor G, Cece, Nick E

1 - Garrett/Taylor G
2 - Dan/Jairo
3/4 - Dan/Cece (stepping in for Doug S)
3/4 - Ryan/Taylor G

Carlos S, Mike E, Jared W, Johnny F, Eric A, Anne S and Skip cameo'd...thanks to Skip for helping me out when I needed it
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Posted - 10/17/2017 :  22:49:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
8 players participated in the MNF event, with pick-up appearances by Ben T, Mike E, new Cory, Jared W, Joe M, Percy, Travis, and Eric A.

Thanks to Joel M for trying out the event; we hope to see you again. It was also good to see Jordan P and John B after a few weeks off.

The players: Deb G, Garrett T, Ryan S, Tim S, Taylor K, Jordan P, Joel M, John B.

Hi/Lo French Draw Results:
8 teams

1st: Jordan P/Tim S
2nd: Deb G/Tim S
3rd/4th: Ryan S/Taylor K
3rd/4th: Ryan S/Joel M

Tim made the most of his 'ringer' low status on a veteran turnout MNF event. Congrats on your second win and first 1,2! Congrats also to Jordan on joining Tim as co-Champ after a tough singles final against Deb! Welcome to the elite players of MNF who've earned a handicap! Your rollover was looking sharp...time to hone it on Wednesdays and pick-up games.

Thanks to all for coming out. Josh takes the reins next Monday, so text him/call the bar by 8 if you want to get signed up and are running late.
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Posted - 10/24/2017 :  21:18:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

players: Gunnar, Tony, Brock, Garrett, Dan, Jeff, Curtis, Erin/Jack, Forrest, Ryan

cameos: Coleman, EB, John W, Bruce VB, Carlos

1 - Tony/Jack
2 - Tony/Gunnar
3/4 - Forrest/Ryan
3/4 - Forrest/Jeff

Congratulations to Tony on the 1-2 finish...nice playing. Thank you to everybody that came down last night.

same time next Monday
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Posted - 11/01/2017 :  10:01:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

10 players participated in the MNF event on Monday, with pick-up appearances by Zach S, Mike E, Ben T, Jared W, Travis, Trena, and Eric A .

The players: Ryan S, Taylor K, Daniel V, Brock D, Tim S, Joel M, Alex M, Doug S, Anne S, and Jordan P.

Hi/Lo French Draw Results: (10 teams)

1st: Daniel V/Joel M
2nd: Tim S/Alex M
3rd/4th: Jordan P/Brock D
3rd/4th: Tim S/Anne S

Thanks to all or coming. Congrats to Joel on his first win and to Daniel on earning his first handicap!
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