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 Morts Monday Night Foosball 2017
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Posted - 01/24/2017 :  11:40:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Players: Alex K, Hannah O, Jared W, Tom W, James V, Tom K, Todd G, Garrett T, Jordan P, Ani S, Derek D, Conor R, Galen R, Josh N

1 - Garrett/Todd
2 - Tom K/James
3 - Tom W/Galen (Tom had to take off so Alex filled in for him for their last match)

We had another great turnout last night. Some new faces, some usual suspects and some really good foosball. Congrats to Garrett and Todd on the win against the strong combo of Tom K and James.

Skip came down later and gave some good advice to some of the newer players. We got to see Tom W! First time Monday player Hannah crushed many a goalie wing-man angle on me and Conor. I also own-goaled myself to knock me and Conor out on a game three match ball.

Hope to see more of all of you!


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Posted - 01/31/2017 :  18:54:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The tourney component consisted exclusively of MNF veterans, plus guest TD Jason C jumping in to even out the bracket.

Players: Mike E, Tom C, Jessica S, Alex K, James V, Garrett T, Todd G, Taylor K, Jared W, and Jason C.

French Draw Results:
1st: Mike E/Jason C/Josh N
2nd: Garrett T/Jared W
3rd: Taylor K/Jared W

Thanks to all for coming down!

Cool Cameos: Vern G stopped down late and joined Mike E, Pistol Pete and myself for a pick-up game. It was great to see you out and about Vern! Other guest stars: Wild Bill, Pistol Pete, Josh N.
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Posted - 02/22/2017 :  22:14:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The Players: Josh D, Peter D, Todd G, Luke B (not that ginger from the Badger state though), Alex K, James V, Jack H, and Jared W

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results:
8 Teams

1st: Todd G/Luke B
2nd: Jared W/Luke B
3rd/4th: Todd G/Jack H
3rd/4th: Jared W/Josh D

Thanks to all the players for coming out, especially new peeps: Jack, Josh and Peter.

Congrats to Luke on the 1-2, and to Todd for earning himself a regular handicap; Todd's 5-bar is ready to do some damage at WI State!
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Posted - 03/02/2017 :  18:45:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

A small number of veteran MNF-players, plus some out-of-towners made for an experienced amateur MNF event last monday. With the permission of the actual MNF players, Carlos, Trevan, Jimmy (long-time-no-see!) and I were let into the hi/lo.

Players: Mike E, Deb G, Jared W, Trevan S, Jimmy R, Skip S, Carlos S

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results:
7 Teams

1st: Jared W/Skip S
2nd: Mike E/Skip S
3rd/4th: Jimmy R/Carlos S
3rd/4th: Deb G/Carlos S

After his 5th Open Hi/Lo MNF win (and 9th overall), a competitive singles final against Mike E, and multiple inquiries from the peanut gallery, we are proud to announce Jared's induction into the Morts Monday Night Foosball Hall of Fame.

His game progressed a great deal in 2016, and hopefully he plenty of foos success ahead of him in 2017.

On Monday, March 20th, we'll have an open hi/lo tourney in honor of our most recent inductees Jared and Terrel all our welcome to play or come and drink their beer (separate post w/ details to follow).

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Posted - 03/07/2017 :  18:50:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

12 players participated in the Beg/Am event, plus pick-up cameos by Jason C, EB, Eric (Sliderman) A, and Garrett T. Both Alex C and Jess from MN United FC came down to check out our scene and play in the event (Jess, ending up two points from playing in the final!).

Said, a former Grand Forks fooser, tried out his first Monday night and came with a bang. Monday Nights will give him some helpful five-bar experience, but he already comes with some great snap on his 3 bar shots (including a push-kick, push, and back pin) and a rollerball style on the 2 bar.

Players: Alex K, James V, Mike E, Deb G, Michael Q, Alex C, Jess, Said, Andy, Taylor K, Todd G, and Corey (not B)

French Draw (SE) Results:
1st: Said/Mike E
2nd: Deb G/Michael Q
3rd/4th: Corey/Mike E
3rd/4th: Jess/Michael Q

It was a very tough final, going to 4-4 in the third game. Deb had just put the pressure on with a near-side dink forcing meat-nut (after a great 3-bar performance mixing up her series…with multiple push-kick longs against Mike E’s D!). But Said was up for the challenge, taking his time before a tricky middle man pass, and then a long push for the win. Congrats to all four of our finalists!
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Posted - 03/14/2017 :  20:19:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

10 players participated in the MNF event last night, with pick-up cameos by Bill W, Jason C, Carlos S, Gillian M, Josh N, Garrett T, Travis, and a few Eric A's.

The MNF players: Bill K, Remy R, John G, Nate P, Taylor K, Todd G, Said M, Nicole H, James V, and Alex K

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results:

1st: Said M/Remy R
2nd: Taylor K/Nate P
3rd/4th: Nate P/Alex K
3rd/4th: Said M/Nicole H

Said earns an early handicap after finishing his first two MNF events with consecutive wins.

Thanks to Remy, Bill, Nicole, John and Nate for joining us for your first MNF event, and a big congrats to Remy for taking top honors in your first Monday tourney. The next goal? Two words: 'winning streak'!

We hope to see a lot of you for Terrel and Jared's send-off tourney next Monday 3/20 for an Open Hi/Lo Draw Your Partner (with guest pro Don Pfleiderer!).
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Posted - 03/21/2017 :  21:35:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


We had a nice sized foostogether in honor of Jared and Terrel's big night (must of been the catering). 24 players participated in the event, plus cameos by Garrett T, Gillian M, Josh N, Wayne A, Jason C, Eric A.

The Players:
Hi's: Don P, Bill W, Brandon A, Keith N, Tom M, LBob, Skip S, EB, Ben T, Ron V, Brad S, Sharky
Lo's: Terrel L, Jared W, Roger L, Taylor Ko, Todd G, Taylor Kr, Taylor G, Mike E, Dave V, Nate P, Alex K, James K

The cast was almost as diverse as a Morts Monthly, with a nice migration of Duluth peeps coming down, Dave V in town from Bismarck ND, and our guest pro Don P staying to play in the tourney.

Luckily the skill spread made for a very natural hi/lo (unlike that infamous time when Jared T and Brad S ended up as 'lo's').

Hi/Lo French Draw (SE) Results;
24 Teams

1st: Roger L/Bill W
2nd: Taylor Ko/Don P
3rd: Jared W/Skip S
4th: Jared W/Tom M

A big congratulations to Jared and Terrel on achieving Hall of Fame status, and to Roger and Bill on the win.

A special thanks to Don for coming down and giving some tips to our new players for before the tourney.

Who will be the next Monday Night Hall of Famer? Will Todd G beat out Mike E? Will Corey B swoop back in for his final required Monday Night win? Will I even be able to come up with a handicap to hamper Said's from winning three straight?

Stay tuned.....
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Posted - 03/28/2017 :  22:24:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The Players: Taylor G, Taylor Kr, Said, Jerry C, Dan V, James V, Jared W, Nathan, Mike E, Alex,

French Draw (SE) Results:
10 Teams
1st: Jerry C (IA)/Dan V
2nd: Jerry C (IA)/James V
3rd/4th: Said/James V
3rd/4th: Taylor K/Dan

'Rookie-for-life' Jerry C got to sharpen his foos-claws for his big May Money Match. Nice seeing you Jerry! We're looking forward to a fun time in May!

Congrats to Dan V for the big win in his first ever Monday Night event! Hours of Foos at Target Corp has given him a fun and original arsenal to hone on Monday nights (drive-bys, close-handed banks from 3 and 2 rods, reverse and hesitations in most areas of his game). Next step? Winning streak!

Thanks to Jared for stepping in last minute to run the event.
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Posted - 04/18/2017 :  22:20:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

12 players participated in the MNF event, plus cameos by Eric A1, Eric A2, Ben T, Josh N, Jared W, Eric B, Gillian M, Carlos S, and Tim H.

Players: Said M, Alex K, Ani S, Nick W, JJ W, Todd G, Taylor G, Taylor Kr, Doug S, Brad K, John P, and Deb G.

Nice to see Brad K and Doug S play in the MNF event; it had been a while.

Hi/Lo French Draw Results:
12 Teams

1st: Deb G/Nick W
2nd: Said M/Nick W
3rd/4th: Said M/Taylor G
3rd/4th: Deb G/JJ W

Congrats to Nick W on going 1,2 in his first-ever MNF event, and to Deb G in her largest MNF win (after a tough singles final no-less)!

Thanks to all the players for coming out!
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Posted - 04/25/2017 :  15:06:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
14 Players

We had a big double draw with some high level beginner action. Also making appearances were: Josh, Zach, Skip and Gillian

1st- Said and Taylor K
2nd- Ryan and Alex
3rd/4th- Nick E and Taylor G
3rd/4th- Jared and Jerry
Nick W
Mike E
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Posted - 05/03/2017 :  07:10:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Zach's write-up:
12 players participated in a French Style double draw.
Taylor G, Taylor KO -Knock Out, Taylor K, Nick, Alfonzo, Mike E, Phil, Ryan, Todd, Jerry, Said, Jeff

Cameos By Jared, Carlos, Noyes, Wallace, Skip, and Gillian.

It was a great night of foos! I believe this was the 4th week in a row with 10+ players.

1st- Said/Ryan
2nd- Todd/Jeff
3rd/4th- Phil/KO
3rd/4th- Jerry/KO
Said won back to back Monday's! Fun playing guys!

Thanks to Zach for running it!
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Posted - 05/09/2017 :  22:45:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


10 players participated in the MNF event, plus cameos by Zach S, Matt, Skip, Gary, Ben T, Missy, Johnny R, and Deb G. After a baptism of fire in last Saturday's BYP, Brandon made a long overdue first appearance in the MNF event. Welcome to MNF, Brandon!

The Players: Garrett T, Ryan, Taylor Ko, Brandon J, Mike E, Taylor Kr, Said M, Taylor G, Jerry, and Todd G

French Draw Results: 10 teams
1st: Todd G/Said M
2nd: Taylor Kr/Said M
3rd/4th: Taylor K^2
3rd/4th: Jerry/Taylor Ko

Both Taylor K's were looking sharp, as they took both their teams to the final four, but Said proved the top draw, going 1,2 for the first time in a double draw. Time to bump up your handicap Said, you're playing great! Congrats to Said and Todd on the win.

Thanks to Jared for running the show, and all the players for coming down.
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Posted - 05/16/2017 :  22:21:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

13 players participated in the MNF event, plus cameos by Jared W, Todd G, Travis, and Brandon J.

The players: Tom C, Taylor Ko, Joe S, Nick W, Taylor Kr, Garrett T, Jerry, Taylor G, Said M, Alex K, Ryan, Tyson B

Hi/Lo French Draw Results: 13 teams

1st: Nick W/Jerry
2nd: Taylor KO/Joe S
3rd/4th: Ryan/Taylor Kr
3rd/4th: Sam C/Joe S

Congrats to Jerry on his first MNF win, and happy birthday to Joe S, who took both his teams to the final four in his first ever MNF event!

Thanks to all for coming down; we kept our streak of double digit turnouts going (which is at five or six straight weeks). Keep recommending it to others and bringing in new friends to try it out!
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Posted - 05/30/2017 :  20:39:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

8 players participated in the MNF event last week, plus guest Pro Justin Shaw! (It'd help turnout if he gave us some notice, but he was just passing through). Thanks to Jason C for TD'ing the event.

The players: Said M, Nick W, Taylor K, Ryan S, Deb G, Taylor G, Mike E, Jerry W

1st: Deb G/Said M
2nd: Deb G/Nick W
3rd/4th: Taylor G/Mike E
3rd/4th: Said/Jerry

Congrats to Deb on the 1,2 and on earning her first handicap. After scoring her 1000th point at Morts via her dink shot, she's going to have to leave that at home on Monday nights; not bad timing as she has number of other options that are coming in to their own this spring. Nice playing Deb!


16 players participated in the Memorial Day Open Hi/Lo, including St. Cloud guest stars, Jessica and Devil. Thanks to new players Kelsey and Jairo for trying out their first tourney. We hope to see you again! Cameo appearances by Eric A, Deb G, Johnny R, and Eric A 2.0.

The players:
Hi's: Bill W, John W, Skip S, Devil O, Ben T, EB, Mike E, Said M
Lo's: Jessica S, Nick E, Taylor Kr, Jerry W, Jairo C, Daniel V, Kelsey K, Taylor G

Open Hi/Lo Double Draw Results (SE):
16 teams
1st: Nick E/Skip S
2nd: Daniel V/Mike E
3rd: Taylor G/Devil
4th: Kelsey K/EB

Thanks to all for coming out and to EB for Co-TD-ing.
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Posted - 06/06/2017 :  19:15:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

14 players participated in the MNF event last night, plus cameos by Josh N, Gillian M, and Skip S.

Hi/Lo DYP Results: 7 teams

1st: Tim/Nick W
2nd: Deb G/Jairo C
3rd: Taylor K/Jerry W
Jared W/Jake
Said M/Taylor G
Todd G/Sisi
Ryan S/Melinda

Thanks to new players Jake, Sisi, and Melinda for trying out the event, and to Jared for running it.

Congrats to Tim on his first MNF win, and to Nick for earning his first handicap after less than two months at Mortimer's!
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Posted - 06/18/2017 :  21:40:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


12 players participated in last week's MNF event.

The players: Jerry W, Alex K, Nick W, Mike E, Taylor G, Taylor Kr, Enrique, Michael Q, Erick, Tim S, Said M, Ryan S

French Draw Results: 12 teams
1st: Said M/Ryan S
2nd: Mike E/Ryan S
3rd/4th: Mike E/Nick W
3rd/4th: Taylor Kr/Said M

Congrats to Ryan on going 1, 2 in the double draw, and a big congrats to Said M for winning his way into the Monday Night Hall of Fame!

With his seventh win (and first with the backpin-only handicap), Said has been a force to reckon with on Monday nights in 2017. After only 3 months of Monday events, this is the fastest HOF induction of any player. That's a testament to Said's talent on the table and his formative North Dakota scene. Way to go Said!

We'll schedule a HOF party/tourney when our next MNF player joins Said in the illustrious ranks....but who will it be?
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